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Current  projects

WitsHerFace SCIO has several projects in development.  Working closely with the writer's group we are always looking to produce new works which reflect the voices of the underrepresented in society.  If you have any new projects or exciting ideas we would love to hear from you - please contact us below.

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Rose by
Lorna Martin

Rose Reilly proves them all wrong. From a lifetime ban in her home country of Scotland to the greatest female footballer in the world, Rose Reilly’s incredible story will have audiences laughing and crying, inspired by one girl’s refusal to be told how to live her life and her determination to play the game she loves.  Originally commissioned by A Play, a Pie, and a Pint and produced at the Oran Mor. 

Written by Lorna Martin with Maureen Carr as Rose this play will make you laugh, make you cry and everything in  between.  Touring Scotland in September 2022. 

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Bruises from the Cracks
by Stephen Docherty

Bruises from the Cracks has been developed by Stephen Docherty (Writer), Alison Peebles (Director), and by WitsHerFace.   The Play seeks to reveal the consequences of poverty, violence, and deprivation on the Mental Health of one woman who represents the many isolated people struggling to survive. 

In 2021, a research and development project was funded by Creative Scotland,  which produced a 1st draft of the script.  The project was shaped through dialogues and workshops with Focus Groups from Mental Health, Rape Crisis, Social Work, Addictions Services, Clinical Care Nurses, Housing and Homeless Agencies, Criminal Justice Staff and Police Scotland. Most of the project was completed online due to the lockdown restrictions which were in place because of Covid. 

Seven decades
of me

The project is a venture between Monica Gibb, Linda McLaughlin and WitsHerFace. The project is looking to develop a theatre piece which explores the viewpoints of women in their 70’s and 80’s and beyond who are often underrepresented on stage. We want to challenge that by creating a piece of theatre that is rooted in pants-wetting (sometimes literally) comedy, that looks at what it’s like to be an ‘elder’ in our society but doesn’t just focus on that: wry and knowing, but also anarchic and fun, and incorporating music and visuals along the way.

Healthy at any age
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