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The Full Story


WitsHerFace SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) SC051634 was established in 2022 to ensure that the arts are accessible to women and other minority groups.  Formed by the board and creatives from a range of backgrounds and experience WitsHerFace SCIO is passionate about nurturing and developing talent and creating original pieces of work.



WitsHerFace SCIO aims to give opportunities to women and minority groups who might otherwise struggle to find a pathway into the arts, telling stories from people whose voices haven’t always been heard. 


WitsHerFace SCIO supports individuals and communities to develop their work and tell their stories in their own voices.  We offer a platform for artists who feel marginalized or invisible to express themselves and create original pieces. WitsHerFace SCIO will support creatives from within our communities to develop their skills and create high-quality works in all aspects of the arts. 

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