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Witsherface Writers 

Witsherface currently has a writing group in development, which will be open to members in late 2022.  The group will meet on a regular basis and explore various script writing practices, produce scripts for different mediums, and have guest speakers and regular readings of works created by members.  The writing group is open to all women, individuals identifying as women, and any other individuals who feel unrepresented within the arts. WitsHerFace Writers are currently trying to secure funding to support our activities and seeking writers to join our group.  If you are interested in joining or wish to make a donation, please contact us below by email, through Social Media or through our contacts page


WitsHerFace Writers support our creatives to develop their work and we frequently host reading of works in progress,  in private, in public, and on online forums.  We have been fortunate enough to have readings of amazing scripts such as Rachel's Cousin by Anne Marie Di Mambo,  Anatomy of Witchcraft by Toni 'Bones' Benedetti, and most recently the Funeral Club by Eimi Quinn. 

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