Witsherface is a Glasgow based female-lead creative comedy collective which provides opportunities for funny people to thrive.


Witsherface is a female-lead comedy company based in Glasgow. We work with some cracking people in the arts to produce live shows, filmed material, comedy workshops and more for those in the local community and beyond.

We’ve been established since 2016, and the group continues to grow both our support and our pool of talented writers and actors. We could not do it without them.

We would like to thank the Calton Heritage and Learning Centre, and Thenue for their continued help and support.


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Writers, particularly female or non-binary people who can write topical and political comedy material wanted to join the comedy collective, Witsherface!
You must be able to attend regular meetings in Glasgow and have some previous writing experience. 

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Witsherface is a professional company with a community focus. We currently fund ourselves through ticket revenue. and rely on the enthusiasm of our members to give up their  time and talents. Whether you're an business owner or an individual, we would gladly welcome your help – whether that be a one-off donation, a continuing contribution, or in-kind support. Please get in touch for more information:

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